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Shopping bag that has a variety of notebook market is very exciting because one of the main advantages is its eyes bag notebook after notebook or notebook bag even before the importance of attention will therefore be The notebook is more!
Approximately 7 major brands in the market, notebook bags to have their monopoly. The majority of the bags in the Iranian market brands like Targus, January Kutta, case logic, but Kane, Sandks, Vks, Bakas is located. However, most brands of laptop bags are the supplier for their particular brand that introduced the most part with ordinary bags have different market and we recommend that you avoid buying.
 Types of bags:
 be found.
The variation in color is desirable laptop bags are now the happy colors like black, red, white and orange colors are available for the laptop bag. Another characteristic appearance of this bag is a laptop bag. Currently, several genera such as leather, nylon polymers, tarps and ... Laptop bag is available in the market, each one of the groups to account for the laptop. For example, among the most formal bags, leather bags and leather are even designs and sports bags and laptop backpacks are made of canvas. Bag weight must not forget that it is subject, whatever its weight is lighter bag is very natural that it is easier to transport your laptop because it is heavy enough to be perceptible if the weight of the bag and It would be very difficult.
In this case each device has its own place before the camera, music player and stacks ... But note that it enlarges the bag is heavier and thus harder it will be shipped.
First role:
Aside from the look of the bag's main duty laptop bag has a protective role. In principle, the laptop bag to protect from environmental damage that these injuries can be traumatic, moisture or the other.
 Impact: The first task of protecting the laptop bag is a hit. Because laptops are the first to hit the enemy so that he should choose quality laptop against this kind of impact (environmental impact) is resistant.
Humidity: laptop bag laptop to exposure from environmental moisture such as rain, water and ... To maintain.
In other cases, laptop bag laptop should be able to protect from electromagnetic waves and when the bag is placed in the chamber is completely cut off contact with the outside environment.are well protected from the impact. Is better on the floor (roof) Purse There is also coverage of any impact to protect the laptop.
laptop will be. Now the laptop bag with a price around 15 dollars to 200 dollars are sold each have their own characteristics. Try to buy your own bag with a guarantee to avoid trouble later.