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Efficient use of laptop battery


Efficient use of laptop battery
Nowadays laptops are popular among users, but charging a battery and charging it to become a major problem for users is that there must always be concerned about the intelligence of your laptop when you are going. In this article we have tried several methods to ensure you get the laptop to charge.
1 - a very important point that should be considered when buying a laptop is that after buying a laptop to use it to make all fully charged. When turned off, let it charge for 12 hours.
2 - Defragger regular, hard to do your job more quickly, less demand for hard work and your battery will be sent. Sort out your laptop's hard drive performance with regular, it can increase as much as possible. But make sure to note when Defragger your laptop is plugged.
3 - to note that this will reduce your screen brightness because most laptops are capable of reducing screen brightness. Some even have the ability to improve performance CPU and system cooling. After at least possible to reduce their energy consumption, to have the highest levels of battery life.
4 - applications that are running in the background of your operating system off. All these programs on CPU load increase and to reduce your battery quickly. Also unnecessary programs that are running the desktop in the bottom toolbar, close. To do this go to Start menu and select the Run option. In the opened window type the word msconfig and hit Inter. Select the Startup tab. Click here to load the programs that do not need to remove them permanently. For example, your antivirus program should always be loaded in memory, but I need Quick Time to open the program is not permanent.
5 - unnecessary external devices connected to your laptop. Tools USB (such as a mouse) can drain your laptop battery. When you do not use them, get them off. Charging through laptops and other devices (like Ipod) uses the laptop battery, charging that it is empty.
6 - Increase your system's RAM. It allows you to use virtual memory instead of the regular system, more RAM, do your processing. Virtual memory uses hard to do the processing and energy efficiency is very low. Note that energy consumption will increase by adding RAM, but the performance of simulation programs that provide virtual memory.
7 - Tools CD and DVD drive and turn off. Energy CDs and DVDs from the hard drive is even greater. There is a CD drive that can be consumed, even if it is not time. As far as possible try to use the optical drive from a virtual drive program.
8 - Keep clean the battery connections. An alcohol-impregnated cloth once every two months to clean the battery and metal fittings. The efficiency of the energy displacement between the battery and the laptop will raise.
9 - Take care of your battery. Vadaryd batteries to work. Do not leave the charged battery unused for a long time. Charge the battery every time you use it up within one to two weeks. The rechargeable Li-On batteries you never completely empty. The use of nickel-cadmium batteries, let's be completely empty and then recharge them. New NiMH batteries do not need to do it better than Lithium-ion batteries.
10 - Stand Haybrnt Instead, if the computer is useless during the day time, it set so that after a certain period of a Standby state is entered. Although placing a laptop in Standby Mode, saving energy is huge and rapidly returns to standby mode, but no way to measure its performance in energy saving mode is Haybrnt. Haybrnt system while maintaining the period that your work is completely off Abzarhaytan does not have to use energy.
11 - Public temperature, hold down your system. Laptops will have better performance at lower temperatures. How often the air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner can clean it once every year or for your service.
12 - options to optimize energy. Through the Windows Control Panel Power Option option can optimize energy consumption. For best results, choose an option Max battery.
13 - The simultaneous use of multiple applications. When the battery you use, every time I do a job and then they go to the next. When you work on a spreadsheet, e-mail program of your time working is also listen to music simultaneously. Please focus your mind on a task. If you do not do this, before you do anything to end your battery is empty.
14 - Simple things you want from your laptop. Czech by e-mail and word processing activities such as games and DVD playback is much less than energy expenditure. If a battery is only charged when you travel, think about how to work more wisely.
Try your old laptop can be replaced with newer models and more efficient.
16 - Turn off auto-save performance. Microsoft Word and Excel are very good auto-save feature, but to do it regularly and work hard to be more energy it rises. Turn off if it is better to turn back when the battery is weak, the ability to save your work before your system will become unconscious. Also on this point must be more careful to not lose your data.
17 - Reduce the amount of graphics work. You do this by changing the display resolution and turn off the fancy graphics capabilities do. The graphics card is the same size or even more hard disk power consumption.
Turn off the key so it's fine to save most certainly do not regret having