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Maintaining and increasing the battery life laptop


Due to the increased use of rechargeable batteries in electronic equipment like cameras, mobile phones and laptops in this post I want to give information about the methods to preserve the battery.
I was always the question of how this issue should be kept in rechargeable batteries. The following story is related to lithium-ion batteries. In some cases, but it also applies to other batteries.
There are a lot of information about lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are also misconceptions about this time.
In this FAQ we answer the following about the battery:
How long will my battery work?
When I connect it to AC power or separated from me?
How do Batryhaym live longer?
 Remaining battery exhaustion
Consider a battery replacement
Exploding batteries and call them
How long will my battery work?
Elements until the batteries that power laptops are not able to react slowly with time. In addition to the battery? To? They charge and discharge duration.
Laptop batteries typically are used from one year to three years. Temperature with the use of conventional batteries, they are associated with longevity. You can easily store a lot of battery life with respect to certain principles.

Reduced self-discharge process at low temperature and low battery life, the elements can occur more slowly. Thus, the higher the temperature the battery very quickly lose their life.
When I connect it to AC power or separated from me?
Remain in the laptop battery power will raise the internal temperature. When the batteries do not need to separate it and put it in a cool, dry place to slow the process will help reduce battery life. Keeping a laptop battery in hot environmental damage.?
 The amount of Li-Ion batteries to charge and discharge cycle? To? Times are evaluated.
When charging the battery capacity?% Reached (eg?) Separating it from your laptop in place a cool, dry place.
Battery in a cool, dry place to bring the Ng·hdrary not use some of these cycles can help.
Lithium ion batteries containing battery memory effect (requiring complete discharge before charging) are not like the old batteries.
Drain and fully recharge the battery storage capacity is low rise.
A set of partial discharge for lithium-ion batteries is better than a full discharge.
You must be calibrated time to time check the battery regularly. I will explain more about how to calibrate the battery.
Keep the battery connected to power or not?
Removing the battery from laptop when power is connected:
Prevent use of the charging cycle
Store batteries in cooler conditions (when the laptop is plugged in is heated) and the process will reduce its life
Failure to use as a backup battery when the voltage drop or power failure
Loss of unsaved data during power failure
If you need to use UPS for Power Backup
The battery when the laptop is plugged in on leave:
As a service outage occurs when a battery backup.
Being more suitable when emergency needs
Require time to warm to ambient temperature and battery (when it is in your refrigerator) no.?
The use of the charging cycle
 Electrical connection to the battery temperature is higher during their life span decreases.
How do Batryhaym live longer?
Calibrate the battery after a full discharge? Helps to maintain battery charge holding capacity.

Lithium ion batteries charge capacity when partially charged less to lose.
It is recommended to achieve a level of battery charge? To? Percent of its charge.
Remove battery and store in a cool, dry place. The optimum storage charge level battery for long? Is%.
Rechargeable battery with low maintenance, injury and damage to the battery.

Remaining battery exhaustion

Many of these applications while remaining depreciation battery??% Is warn.
Many variables can affect the rate of depreciation profile laptop battery, BIOS and software settings, etc..
About exploding batteries and what they call?
Recently, many reports about the explosion of the battery. Normally, you may also have questions about the security of your laptop battery.
Minor contamination with metal particles used batteries because of the recent explosions in factories within them is reliable.
Call Batryhayy risk for these infections have been conducted. This list is from the battery? October? They are recalled. You can check whether your battery is in danger or not?
Simple guidelines on lithium-ion batteries
* Heat is your battery's worst enemy.
* To release the battery from excessive heat in places such as inside a car during the day, avoid.
* A completely discharged battery life makes the effect worse on several partial discharge
* Need to worry from the memory effect (battery memory) is the lithium-ion batteries.
* When you get used to the battery? To? Cent capacity may be charged.
* Never to?% Discharged battery can not work because your battery is unused.?
* Your battery after each? Once calibrated with a full discharge to the discharge time.
* If you use long power can remove the battery and putting it in one place too long to preserve your battery life, can help.
* Storage rates charged long??% And has a cool, dry place.
* Many of the inexperience in the refrigerator to keep the batteries are recommended.
* Do not freeze the battery.