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The laptop storage


? Keeping the lid

? Battery:
, then let the battery to be discharged as a minimum? Percent would do that? To? Repeat until all the cells in order to get a good charge storage capability.
Always clear if the device is to use battery power? Percent of the charge, and a week off of it? To? Charge it once. The number of eating battery power, battery life will be less.
If you use the battery to allow a minimum charge? Percent is reached (when the Low Battery was up) then it can charge.
? Drives:
Lens (Optic) drive notebook drives are very sensitive to reading (DVD / CD) originally designed by the insistence on reading every species (DVD / CD) and on the basis of non-standard (DVD / CD) If you do not consecutive And I put the short distances between them. If it can not use the drive (DVD / CD) Do not.
? LCD and Keyboard:
No spray (even dried) Do not use. Notice of fluids and dust quickly cause deterioration of the Keyboard.
? Recovery (Recovery):

Therefore, the new device, in a part of the drive device, usually? Percent of its capacity (hard disk capacity is less than the nominal value of why it exists) and the secret is. Recovery is part of the operating system, drivers and applications are in it. All Program and the Program in Control Panel there.
Recovery for backup is run, then the first option is to open the Create Recovery Disk.Keep your archive.
This should be done the same day, the first device..
? Protection against viruses:
Norton or McAfee antivirus program with the original operating companies such as laptops are, always keep them updated.
When using the external speaker sound better up to two thirds return.