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What is the laptop?
These systems, users quickly and without hassle to connect to the Internet. Size of 9/8 inches to 4/18 inches is variable and often price between USD 300 000 to have approximately 3 million USD.
 Of cheap laptops (economic) What?
As their name implies, these laptops, are models that aim to attract buyers with low budgets and are designed for those who need a computer with a low initial cost may be appropriate. To our definition, a laptop with price less than USD 1 million are in this category. But you can about the price of 800 000 USD to 900,000 USD to find good options to select.
 What are multi-purpose laptop?
Laptops laptop industry are attractive multifunctional domains. This group includes models with thin and light display 3/13 inches to 14 inches and mainstream portable devices with screen sizes with Mkzymm 4/15 are inches.
 What are business laptops?
 What Ultraportable laptops?
In these systems display a smaller, more compact keyboard and processor power than a typical netbook is Mmvlakm.
 What are the home desktop replacement laptop?
These devices, laptops with screens 17 inches or even larger.Given that these laptops are turning center of the screen, often on the characteristics of these devices, video, multimedia and game focus.
 What gaming laptop special?
Play a special laptop performance three dimensional graphics card is a priority. This led to the use of one (or two) and a powerful graphics card, processor speed and memory subsets excellent addition to the hard drive. A large LCD with fast response time and black and white Mlkrdkhvb is a necessity and a good sound system is also considered an advantage.
 What Tablet personal computer?
Tablet computers in the implementation of laptops are available in most units. They display a finger or stylus input created by the show and allow you to enter through the writings and designs without. Light weight and long lasting battery, they will become good companions.
 What a powerful laptop?
Powerful laptops, devices that are in a range of environmental hazards and situations, have a high resistance. The laptops for work in difficult conditions such as factories or construction sites full of dust, foreign environments, hot, cold or wet and moving vehicles, which puts them against shock and vibration are designed .
 Dedicated students who have laptops?
Student laptops are designed for students and college students.