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 Headline   URL Name   URL to outside resource 
 Asimo , the robot advanced Ansannma      http:// 
 Apple , the largest personal computer manufacturer in the world.      http:// 
 HP fined 420 thousand dollars      http:// 
 World's smallest storage unit was produced by researchers at IBM      http:// 
 Oracle and Microsoft battle      http:// 
 Maekerosavt weakness der delete Iike pallets      http:// 
 Google 's glasses      http:// 
 Google will drive      http:// 
 Afsaich Amnat System der Mobailbank      http:// 
 Google and Oracle was up fight      http:// 
 Hello Windows 8 Goodbye DVD      http:// 
 Achdy Apple TV with iPhone features      http:// 
 7ways to hide the identity on the Internet      http:// 
 Alarm Microsoft for Apple      http:// 
 41megapixel camera phone      http:// 
 Facebook Yahoo Nejat Madhd area ?      http:// 
 Apple was forced to apologize      http:// 
 Google was 14 years old      http:// 
 Smart glasses or goggles, spy      http:// 
 Dell sold      http:// 
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